In Memorial

Gene B. Williams - Husband, Father, Writer, Teacher, and so many things to so many people, has passed away on June 23rd, 2015.

A Note From Dan

Gene was a truly amazing man, and he touched many lives in many ways. I know we will all miss him, his stories, and his wisdom. This is a tremendous loss for us all. I have decided to build this website as a tribute, and a way to remember him in a celebration of his life. I think that this will be a nice way for us to all connect and share the love he shared with us. I will be keeping the site updated with your stories, and some of my own, as well as photos, some of his writing, and other things that were important to him.

A Little About Nicker Stories

If you knew Gene, I'm sure you knew all about Nicker Stories. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that he never got to see it get published while he was still with us. We were getting very close to being able to do this. Nicker Stories was a big part of my life when I was a very young boy and it is a big part of my life now. We worked hard together to get everything ready. Nicker Stories will not be going away. If you haven't already, look at the July issue which is something we were working on before he went into the hospital. There will be two more issues, August and September, that were already complete as well. October seems to have a complete story as well. If you are interested in Nicker Stories, please keep in touch with me about it. I will be continuing to promote and get everything in the works to release it, just as Dad intended it. 

In Progress…

Not much content is on this site so far, but it will be added to with memories and photos and other things in the coming days. It has been difficult to go through everything, but the site needed to be up to start sharing. A user section will be added so you can submit your own stories right to the site, but for now you can submit a memory by filling out the contact form and it will be added. You can even submit photos if you have any.